The Studio

The studio was designed by Roger Darcy of Recording Architecture. The control room houses an AUDIENT 8024 Console and ATC SCM 300A monitors.  All noisy computer drives and power supplies are located in a separate temperature controlled machine room.

“The remodelling of the Beechpark control room involved the formation of a high mass, damped monitor wall. The ATC speakers are flush mounted within this wall on mass loaded, fully decoupled vibration isolated plinths to maximise LF output without coloration from surrounding surface vibration. Low frequency control within the space is achieved with extensive membrane absorption – this is strategically overlaid with various areas of mid and high frequency absorption and diffusion to produce an accurate though not oppressively ‘dead’ listening space. Daylight and has been incorporated and colours/surface finishes and lighting selected to create a warm, atmospheric and hopefully creative environment. The live area has been extensively remodelled to enhance diffusion and to provide a fresh, even-handedly live but controlled acoustic environment across the frequency spectrum.”

Roger D’arcy,
Recording Architecture

Control Room

The Control Room at Beechpark was designed by Roger, around an ATC SCM300 active monitor system. The rooms acoustic treatment is designed specifically for the loudspeaker and listening position. Following the installation and completion of the control room, the monitors were commissioned by ATC’s engineer, Ben Lilly. Mid and high frequency levels were adjusted to match up with the increased low frequency output from the in wall mounting of the monitor system. The in-room frequency response was found to be well controlled by the acoustic treatment. The low frequency extends down to 23Hz (-6dB) at the mix position.

The Main Room

This room is warm and ambient  with a reverb time of 0.7 sec.  Especially good for acoustic instruments, but also works well for drums.  This room contains a Yamaha piano.  It holds 12 musicians seated.  There is natural daylight and good visability to the other rooms. Dimensions: 7 x 5.3, 3.2 meters  high.

Vocal BoothVocal Room

Bright airy room with a tight ambience especially good for vocals.

Guitar Room

Isolate instruments while retaining good visability to other musicians.

The Barn

The Barn adds the final piece to Beechpark’s suite of live rooms – a huge, great sounding music room with space for the largest of bands. The Barn was designed by Daire Winston, owner of Beechpark Studio, and Roger Darcy, a leading acoustic design consultant and architect. It can be rented as a separate rehearsal room or as an extra recording room to augment a session in the studio. This room has capacity for more than 30 seated musicians or a 50 piece choir. Now an artist, band, orchestra or choir can set up for a live recording of the whole band in The Barn.

Barn live room

Machine Room

Machine Room

Temperature controlled, houses all computer equipment and amplifiers.

Beechpark Studios, Kilteel Rd., Rathcoole, Co. Dublin, Ireland. Tel: +353 (0)1 4588500 Email: