Mastering reveals the best in the material, whether the mixes come from a world-class studio or a project room. When the sound is right, you sell more CDs, vinyl and downloads. It is the final doorway your music passes through on its journey from creation to the consumer.  It is the technical and creative act of balancing, equalizing and enhancing, analog or digital recordings so that the finished product will have attained the maximum musicality and competitiveness in the open market..   It is the glue that turns a collection of songs into an album, a balanced listening experience that feels right from beginning to end. Your mastered CD is guaranteed redbook-standard and can be used as a press-ready master by commercial duplication facilities.  Complete PQ logs, ISRC codes (if applicable) and timings are included.

Analog & digital mastering for all formats

Preferred source material ; 24 bit data files (wav or aiff, 44.1 to 192 kHz). We accept data cd, audio cd, DAT, 1/4″ & 1/2″ tape (Dolby SR, Dolby A), minidisc, cassette, records / vinyl, any device with analog, spdif, lightpipe, usb, or firewire connectivity. Our recommended premaster (source) format is 24 bit audio stored in DATA format on CDR,DVDR, drive or stick. That said, please do not up or downsample your current file format if you are already working in the digital domain, keep the audio in the file format it was recorded at. The closer your source material is to your original recordings, the higher the quality and accuracy of your final product.

Files can be sent via the net using the likes of Hightail or WeSendIt, or can be delivered to the  studio.  Most full length CDs take between 4 to 8 hours to complete.  If you plan to attend the session with others we urge you to keep the number of people to a minimum. The monitor system is the heart of a great mastering room. The ATC SCM300A Monitor system is the starting point of this high resolution system which lets us level-match any source for accuracy that translates to the real world.

Mastering Track Sheet

Mixdown for Mastering Tips

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