The first and most important thing at mix time is to have monitor speakers that truly reflect the detail and quality within the mix. For this purpose we use the superb ATC SCM300A to deliver a maximum volume (121dB/1m), with extended bass and increased transient headroom. We have a selection of smaller speakers including Yamaha NS10s, Dynaudio BM6As, a Canford diecast, an iPod dock and even a ghettoblaster!

When it comes to mixing we have enough inputs and outputs so that some of Beechpark’s excellent analogue gear can be inserted into Pro Tools. Not to mention three EMT 140 reverb plates, and a 240 Gold Foil! To create a stable mix session it is important that the word clock is stable for good converter quality. We use a Digidesign Sync I/O for this and our Pro Tools system is backed up by a Universal Power Supply which keeps the voltage stable and also keeps the computer from shutting down in the event of a power failure.

Pro Tools Plugins from Antares, Digidesign, Waves, Soundtoys, Sonnox, Massenburg, Massey, TC Electronics, Native Instruments, AudioEase, DUY, Toontrack & more. Also available is a UAD 2 Quad Core card with a host of UAD’s great sounding and varied plugins.

We can mix your songs even if they have been recorded at other studios and our talented pool of engineers are experts in getting the best from your recordings.

Beechpark Studios, Kilteel Rd., Rathcoole, Co. Dublin, Ireland. Tel: +353 (0)1 4588500 Email: info@beechpark.com