Digital Transfers


We transfer analogue 1/4″ tape reels, vinyl records, cassettes, DAT, Sony F1 Beta and Tascam Hi8 tapes to digital.  Your choice as to which format.  If analogue tapes are more then ten years old they will very lightly need to be baked beforehand.  This is a process of heating the tape at 50c to take some moisture out as it tends to get sticky over time.

For those with stereo masters this a valuable service as it allows for the compilation and release of older recordings.

Tape reels will be inspected, edits repaired (if necessary), and a full machine alignment is done.  We have Dolby SR & A available.

Vinyl records can be treated with Sonnox Restore software if necessary, getting rid of some of the snap, crackle & pop s before mastering for cd or other any other format.

Note:  Anyone with DAT, Tascam HI8 or F1 Beta tapes should have them transferred as soon as possible as these formats were not designed for long term storage!

Transfer Rate:

€60 per hour (call for bulk rates)


Tapes are transferred at owner’s risk.


Do you have old tapes in storage? As a result of the ravages of time on some tape formulations, baking is the only way to ensure that your old tapes will play well enough for remixing and remastering. Baking involves heat treating the tape at 50c to get rid of the buildup of moisture that happens over a number of years, particularly if the tape has been stored in less then optimum conditions. Many older tapes simply will not play otherwise, as the binder in the old tapes gum up the heads of the playback machine.  Not only does this muck up the tape deck but it will also permanently damages the tape itself!

Generally speaking, Scotch tape 250 and 226 do not need to be baked. Generally speaking, any Ampex tape over 8 years old should be baked before playing. BASF tape is good for about fifteen years before needing baking.  All tape should be stored in cool, dry conditions for a longer life.

We offer a tape baking and high resolution digital transfer service.  We use Studer & Otari machines and Digidesign A/D converters for highest quality and for future proofing and archiving of old recordings.

Baking Rates

€70 for a 2″ reel (or €50 if doing more than 4 tapes)
€40 for a 1/4″ or 1/2″ reel (or €30 if doing more than 8 tapes)



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