EMT Plate Reverb

We have one EMT 140 reverb plate remaining.  These were developed by the Institute Für Rundfunktechnik, Hamburg and started to be manufactured in 1956 by EMT.

EMT #1:  Originated from Ridge Farm Studio in Surrey


What they do

These are wonderful units, each with it’s own unique sound.  The reverb decay time can be adjusted from between 0.5 of a second up to 5 seconds approximately.  When applied to a track it’s just instant beauty whether it be on vocals, drums, stringed instruments, keyboards or just about anything really.  The reverb gives a lovely sense of bigness and space and even when used sparingly the sound is still retained in a mix, unlike most  plugin reverbs.

How they work

Briefly, the plate reverb is an 8’ x 4’ of sheet metal about a 1/16” thick which is suspended on a frame by springs all around it.  In the centre there is a driver / transmitter.  There are two pickups, one near the left side and one near the right.  On the other side of the metal plate there is a variable dampening device.  When a sound is sent into the plate via the transmitter it minutely vibrates it.  The pickups collect these vibrations and return them to the studio in stereo.  The length of the vibrations is controlled by the damper.  The tighter the damper is pressed against the metal, the shorter the reverb.  Simple but very effective.

Audio samples

The following are vocal & and snare drum samples, without and with each of the plates.  The subtle differences may be difficult to hear unless you turn up your speakers but you’ll get the idea.

How to get this reverb on your track

This is how it works.  You send us your audio file(s) via Wetransfer.com.  Please send it at your session sample rate. We will run your track(s) through the EMT and return you a stereo reverb only track.  Make sure you have finished editing first!


1 pass EMT –  €50

2 passes EMTs – €75

3 passes EMTs – €100

We will set the plate to whatever decay times you want.  Maximum song length 5 minutes.  For songs over this please add €10 per minute.

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