At Beechpark Studio we have created a recording environment which is designed with the comfort of the artists to the forefront. We consider peace (and peace of mind!), daylight and line of sight between artists and engineer. Great attention has been paid to each room’s acoustic properties, which is an attribute essential to recording solid performances.


The 60 channels console is an Audient 8024. This allows for great flexibility when recording in terms of monitoring and headphone mixing. There is a multitude of high end mic preamps, compressors and processors. We also have a large and varied selection of microphones.

We use Pro Tools HD, Digidesign 192 interfaces with 32 inputs and 40 outputs as standard. Another interface is available on request.

There is also an ¼” Otrari MTR15 analogue tape machine with Dolby A/SR.

The studio is particularly well suited to bands and groups who like to perform together.  There are options to isolate instruments or vocals of course, but we have designed the facility to be capable of recording everyone at once.  Up to seven different headphone mixes are available and a camera system so everyone can see each other.

Beechpark Studios, Kilteel Rd., Rathcoole, Co. Dublin, Ireland. Tel: +353 (0)1 4588500 Email: